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Porcelain artists, porcelain art, watercolor paintings, acrylic paintings, and oil paintings are all featured in The BonBon Gallery.

The BonBon Gallery is an online art gallery offering artists a space on the internet to display and sell their artwork and art supplies. Each studio within the gallery is operated independently of each other and independent of the gallery. The BonBon Gallery never charges a commission so you know that you are supporting the work of our fine artists when you purchase through the gallery. We are also committed to promoting and supporting the art of china painting and porcelain art, and have donated an internet site to the New York State World Organization of China Painters.

Browse, enjoy, and support our fine artists. Remember, we are always adding new studios and changing the artwork and supplies exhibited by our member artists. Visit often to see what is new.

Featured Studio

Gerry Burchill
Porcelain artist and teacher, Gerry Burchill, has created this signature piece of artwork by painting white poppies using deep blue violet against a background of warm green foliage.

Featured Studio

Joyful Art
This porcelain painting of swans on an 8 inch by 10 inch porcelain artist tile tile by porcelain artist and teacher Joyce Stewart is the subject of one of her 2009 classes at the NY PPAA School. This painting is for exhibit only and not for sale at this time.

Featured Studio

Pats Fools Gold
This fancy porcelain vase has a modern flair with the band of black through the exquisite painting of grapes by porcelain artist and teacher, Pat McClendon.

The vase measures 12 1/2 inches tall and 17 inches in circumference.
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